Iphone App Reviews Pewpew Land Multiplayer Defense Game

Pewpew Land Multiplay Defense Game is a tower defense game app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was created by Mobile force and costs 99 cents for the full version though you can play the first ten levels for free. This app lets you use a quite a few different pewpew. Tower defense

Iphone App Review Goby

Goby is the iphone, ipod touch and ipad app for the website goby.com and the truth is that this works better as an app for a 3g device than it does as a website because it is all about finding new and interesting places to visit and that works best if you can find them

What are Microsoft Points

Microsoft Points are those points that are used in the Xbox Live marketplace to buy things like demos, in game items, maps, themes, trailers and previews, and actual games to be downloaded. They are international and are able to be used without need of a credit card. However, you are able to buy them with

Organic Beauty Iphone App Review

Organic Beauty is a free iPhone app that I thought would give me some new ideas for skin cleaning routines. However, all I got was an app that was riddled with obvious grammar problems and simple ideas about which I already knew. In short, I do not have any regrets downloading the app because it

Iphone App Reviews Prohibition 3 Candy Wars

The idea of a stock trading game may appeal to a few people but those people are already in collage getting their business degree and so don’t need to be playing games, but the truth is that it is a game and by adjusting the setting to one that feels a bit more dangerous the

Webseries Reviews

Infamous.com is one of those sites that Google tells us they will blacklist but which they never do. Let me explain what I mean. Like many others, including Helium, I subscribe to Google’s adsense programme. This means that I can incorporate Google adverts into my site content in the hope of making a few dollars

Losing Weight Apps for Iphone and Ipad

Do you want to lose some weight? There are a lot of people trying to lose some weight. They go to gym, they run on treadmill, or go on special diet. Those things are not so fun and yet they still do it. But, you don’t have to worry now. Thanks to iPhone and iPad

How to Edit a Video Clip in Iphone 4 using Imovie

The iPhone 4 has been quite a talk of the town these days. Apple has revolutionized the touch screen cell phone industry and taken it by the storm. Thousands of iPhone 4 apps (applications) have been released till date and all three – Apple, the app developers and the app users are extremely happy with

Web Search why Googles Competitors can’t Catch up

Web search: Why Google’s competitors can’t catch up  Google’s Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin revolutionized the way that search engines operate, with the invention of Page Rank. The explosion of “Google growth” in the culture, compounded with Google’s drive to not only innovate, but also dominate the Search, Advertising and Application market has pushed

Tutorial Gimp Fade Slideshow Effects

The fade-out effect is a very subtle way of transitioning from one image to another whether in slideshows. Most would use slideshow applications with fade-out effects but you can also achieve these effects with GIF animations which does not require any plug-ins for it to be played on your browser. You can create GIF animations