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The best Gadgets in 2012 for new College Students

Many years ago, when students attended school, they were concerned about owning the “name-branded / Designer” wardrobe and being part of the “in” crowd. Now, students and parents are concerned of owning the latest technology. You may own a pair of designer wardrobe, but if you also own a prehistoric phone (that is the size…

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Technolorgy’s role in shaping the future

The proliferation of technology is changing today’s society like the rising and setting of the sun. One of the big changes that will have a domino effect on society is the eventual end of paper. Although an unintended consequence, the growth of technology makes many of the 20th century advancements obsolete. Therefore, every aspect of…

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White House Releases Statement Supporting Consumers Ability to Unlock Phones and Tablets

The controversy over unblocking mobile phones and tablets has gotten some recent attention from the White House, when a consumer petition led to a strong jolt of public pressure on the Obama Administration and Library of Congress (which protects the software copyrights owned by the manufacturers of those devices). Consumer complaints and actions they took…

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CD-R or CD-RW — which one suits your purpose?

The CD or compact disc is a widely used format for storing memory in a portable medium. They are used for backing up files, transferring information and allowing companies to sell their software without the need to buy it online. There are however two different types of CDs: CD-R and CD-RW who’s names stand for…

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Manufacturing the 4D printing revolution

4-D printing is the latest twist on a trend in manufacturing called 3-D printing that had its roots back in the late 1980s evolving from the injection mold plastics industry. Since then, the applications of 3-D printing have expanded into creating—through printing machines following the instructions of CAD engineering programs—objects as diverse as human organs…

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Turn it off and be happy: Smartphone use could harm your mental health

Technology is everywhere, but perhaps cell phones are the most prevalent technological gadget today in American society. Everywhere you look you can see someone buried in their phone, oblivious to the world around them. Technology was meant to improve our lives, but research suggests that perhaps it could be hurting us.  Remember when kids used…

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Is technology making children less creative?

The world is indeed a frightening place for children; it always has been. The children of 500 years ago had it rough also but they were less privileged than today’s youth but those with proper insight and educational advantages, or enough integrity to succeed, succeeded; the others fell by the way side.  The big difference…

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Internet of Things will Create a Smart World

There are some 5.5 billion Internet-connected mobile devices in the world currently. Increasingly, in the developed world, we are always “wired” into the Net and online. Some people even sleep with their smart phones! But the computer-machine-interface (CMI) is about to change drastically. Nanotechnology is going to change the nature of our reality. Nano-tech is…

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How to allow your Web Browser to Store Cookies on your Computer

A cookie is a small packet of data stored by a web site or application that allows it to remember a specific user or track certain information about that user.  When a website asks if you want it to remember your password, it uses a cookie to save that information.  Most web browsers allow cookies…

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Technology Future Tech Future Gadgets Future Devices Future Innovations Smartphones Tablets

Many people are wondering what  technology is going to be like in the future. Things like what are the designs of the future? the gadgets of the future? or the science of the future based on the consumer’s wants and needs? Well, the Director at Strategy Analytics, Thomas Kang, hinted on 10 possible tech-related scenarios he believes are…

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