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Learn how AMD Thuban aims to counter Intel’s i7 980X Gulftown

CPU competition continues to heat up with the introduction of blistering six-core CPUs from AMD and Intel. AMD is first to market with its Thuban processors and hopes to counter Intel’s more expensive six-core Gulftown by offering incredible processing power at an impressive price. AM Thuban: Overview Among things remaining the same in the AMD…

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What to look for when choosing a laptop

The laptop computer has become a standard piece of equipment for many consumers.  This isn’t to say that the desktop computer is no longer used, but people do enjoy the portability of the laptop and the ability to carry information, work, and entertainment on the road.  Granted, people do have to weigh the need for…

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Advantages of a netbook

The “netbook” is the latest version of the personal computer to hit the market and entice consumers of electronics.  In many ways, the netbook is a smaller version of the laptop computer.  Granted, there are some limitations to the netbook computer and people who want to run all of the normal software packages may be…

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Discover 14 new laptops for businesses and consumers

On the heels of its $1.2 billion buyout of Palm, Hewlett Packard (HP) is in the news again, this time for its new line of notebook computers. The laptops branded as Envy, ProBook, Pavilion, and Mini have garnered much attention in the industry because of how features traditionally reserved for consumer-grade laptops are now integrated…

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Difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro

Apple has updated its mobile computing lineup giving consumers update options when choosing between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. The criteria for choosing between models will primarily involve price and performance considerations. MacBook The MacBook continues to be a consumer oriented laptop computer, with affordability its primary selling point. Users of word processing, email,…

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Are you in the market for a new laptop?

My trusty Compaq computer from 2004 finally bit the dust.  It was the screen that failed, all those squiggly lines making me think I was on the acid trip of my life!  So that was it, and it was time to go shopping for a new one.  But what to look for? The most important factor in…

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Differences between Macbook and Macbook Pro

The difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro can seem subtle at first, considering that both models have a similar appearance, are not actually too distant in processor speeds, and otherwise are essentially two different iterations of the same base idea. Although Apple has certainly expanded its consumer visibility with its entries into the tablet, phone,…

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When to buy a netbook instead of a laptop

The netbook is the laptop’s smaller, cuter, lighter, and cheaper cousin.  Often weighing less than three pounds, and small enough to carry in a large purse or small backpack, netbooks are much easier to carry around than full-sized laptops.  They also typically have longer battery life.  The trade-off, though, is that netbooks are less powerful…

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Software Mac Softwareanti Spyware Macspyware on Macspyware Removalmaleware Macmac Security

Macbook computers are manufactured by the Apple computer company and utilize the same operating system as McIntosh computers. MacOs is completely different from Windows and is not normally susceptible to the same problems with viruses, Trojans, and other malicious software. However, industrious programmers are now coming up with versions of spyware and adware that will…

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How Silicon Chips are Produced

Many people use computers day in and day out without giving much thought to how those silicon atoms that are running their word processor are actually produced.  But here you are, so we’ll go ahead and take a look under the hood of the modern personal computer. Purified silicon is formed into large cylinders called…

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