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Tutorial Gimp Fade Slideshow Effects

The fade-out effect is a very subtle way of transitioning from one image to another whether in slideshows. Most would use slideshow applications with fade-out effects but you can also achieve these effects with GIF animations which does not require any plug-ins for it to be played on your browser. You can create GIF animations…

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How to add slideshows to the Windows 7 and Vista desktops

You can add photo slideshows to both the Windows 7 and Vista desktops. Although their options for photo slideshows are not entirely the same, you can set up some great desktop slideshows with both of the Window packages. Transform your desktop with a compilation of photos. To begin you’ll need to set up a photo…

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Keyboard shortcuts to use with Firefox

Mozilla has built its Firefox web browser up so much so that “Firefox” is now a household name.  However, in spite of Firefox’s popularity, many users aren’t aware of the various keyboard shortcuts you can use in the browser to make your web-surfing session a little easier (or make your work time a little more…

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How Google has locked you into Google Voice

Immediately after launching the new Google Voice calling from Gmail, the rules for Google Voice have changed. Here is a brief summary of the major changes. No more removing Google Voice from your Google Account. In the past, Google Voice users could delete their phone numbers or even remove Google Voice from their Google accounts:…

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A look at Firefox 4

Users of the Firefox Web browser can now download the beta version of Firefox 4. The popular multi-platform browser comes with a new look and faster speed as Mozilla seeks to maintain its position at the top of the Web browser market. As part of the beta process, Mozilla aims to enlist millions of users…

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How to Make Slideshows

Sometimes when it comes to making something that seems to be easy and straightforward we get sidetracked by the choices that are available to us. Making a slideshow can be really easy without much thought or planning, the resulting slideshow may be perfect for entertaining your friends and relatives. On the other hand you might…

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Safari 5 web browser speed claim exaggerated

Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) hype over Safari 5, the latest version of the Apple Web browser, exaggerated its capabilities, say industry analysts. Commended to WWDC attendees and to the world as the fastest browser on the market, Safari supposedly outperforms Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer, but the program fails to…

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IE 9 walkthrough

The release of Internet Explorer 9.0 into its beta phase last week heralded a new approach to web browsing from Microsoft and marks a critical phase in the company’s strategy. Since 2003, Microsoft’s share of the global browser market has slipped from more than 90% to just over 60%, as the likes of Mozilla Firefox…

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Apple Safari 5 browser debuts at Apple developers conference

Apple Safari version 5 will join CEO Steve Jobs on stage as he gives the opening keynote address to the this week’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Held in San Francisco, the conference is to focus on the development of software applications for Apple products such as Macintosh computers, the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and…

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How to use WordPress

WordPress is a simple and free software that allows you to create websites with a variety of different ways to do so and many many tools to improve your website or the managing of it the program is hard to overvalue for those who want to create a website for themselves or their small business….

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