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In my Opinion we are too Dependent on Computers – Yes

There is no doubt that computers do make life easier. They open a whole new realm of possibilities, power, and information right at your finger tips. But Therein lays the problem.

Computers offer us a way to automate, connect, simplify, and look up just about any information you could want. Though this does make things faster and more efficient, but it enables people to not think or memorize. An example is design programs, engineers use to have to do large amounts of analysis and design promoters before a design was ready. With the aid of computers, all those equations and research we use to have to do is automated. You just plug in what you want and the computer does it for you. People don’t have to memorize things any more; they just use a search engine.  Knowing how to get to a certain place or store is a thing of the past. Now people just look up exact directions online and don’t need to remember how to get from point A to point B.

It also enables people to not have to get out and do things, as well as avoiding doing things face to face. With computers you can pay bills online, talk with our friends and family online, do all of our shopping and have it delivered right to our door, applying for jobs, and many other things. People become addicted to social networking cites and computer games. It hurts your social health to not communicate face to face with people.  

Another issue is that people grow comfortable with the idea of doing everything on computers. They type in their names, addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts, what they are currently doing, and so on without giving it a second thought. This gives criminals the ability to impersonate others by stealing their information. People put their personal information up in various places all over the internet.

If something were to happen to computers everywhere, many people would not know what to do. Not to mention the impact it would have on the infrastructure of our country. Without computers, entire companies and vital services would be shut down. This would be a major problem for everyone. Even our phone networks are dependent on computers to make them work.

I am not saying that we need to stay away from computers all together, but there has to be a balance between using computers and doing things ourselves. Kids that are growing up right now are able to use computers extremely well, but this is in trade off to real world skills that they should be learning; such as the skill of handwriting.