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The Dark Side of Technology

Since the beginning of humanity, people have created and developed technology, the art of scientific advances to benefit mankind. These ongoing advances in the technological field have greatly improved our lives. The major drawback regarding this art is that it changes people for the worse. Too many people misuse technology by letting it take control of them, using it to control others, and harming and interfering with nature itself. Too much of a good thing can turn out to be detrimental.

Technology itself is neither good nor bad. However, the people who use it are the culprits of whether technology has a positive or negative effect on individuals and the society. The Daily Orange newspaper of New York states that, “man can create, yet a point arrives when his control falls beyond man’s reach.” This point is excellently portrayed in the story of Frankenstein, when a man’s creation is stronger than the man himself. Although intended to better our lives, technology is slowly taking control of us and making being lazy much easier. Basically, although technology is increasing and making our lives easier, we unconsciously become addicted to it. For example, I’ve noticed that generally in math class the students who have lower grades even do not have an optimum calculator or they do not know how to use it. A calculator is useful in class by helping you get the precise answer much quicker. However, a calculator should not be the factor that separates an A student from a B student. We have become dependent and controlled by technology, which in turns makes us lazy and inferior to our own creation.

Along with the idea of dependency goes the idea of how much technology influences our ethic values. Internet is at the top of the list when it comes to gadgets that affect our daily lives. A recent study shows that 75% of American adults claim to be Internet users. A fear arises as a new generation is born in a society where almost every home has Internet access. Teenagers are very likely to fall victims to Internet addiction.

An article researching the effect technology has on society fears that today’s teenagers will become fixated on instant communication for all their socializing. This fear is likely to be proven right as teenagers are starting to spend more and more time on Internet. They now use Internet for communication, schoolwork and even shopping. They spend so much time on Internet that they become more and more virtual in the real world society. From my personal experience, whenever I used to feel like playing soccer, I would go out and do just that. Nowadays, I often find myself just playing a soccer video game and feeling as if that is enough. The danger of losing ourselves to this virtual world comes from having too much of a good thing. We should not try to destroy or hide from technology; instead we should focus on the need for moderation.

A secondary reason why technology is not as good as most people view it as, is the fact that it makes people use it for the wrong reasons. While technology subtly controls people, it gives them a feeling of power that they do not have in reality. From using weapons to threaten or invade a country to using simple gadgets to make one feel better, technology changes people. Humans, by nature, are very competitive. Competition and technology easily go hand in hand and the victims are our society and moral values. It is not rare that I see an individual mocking a person’s technological device he or she possesses. A person with a better phone or better computer than someone else gets a false impression of superiority. This superiority given by technology ranges from a small scale, such as video games, to a large scale, such as weapons of mass destruction. People slowly allow technology to solve their problems. They have started to use technology in order to get rid of competition and not to satisfy their costumers. In today’s world, many countries compete in an arms race. Each country wants to develop better and better weapons in order to feel confident when dealing with other countries on national level. This overconfidence sometimes gets out of hand when a nation disagrees with another and handles the problem by bombing the country. Also, that kid mocked for his apparent inferior gadgets, such as phones or video games, might build up such hatred that he might grab a knife or a gun and go deal with it that way. These are just a few simple examples that can still be seen in today’s society, where humans use technology to control others and as a solution to their problems.

Aside from technology giving people a false sense of superiority compared to others, it gives them the power to interfere and alter with nature. Without technology, a woman would not be able to give birth if she is barren. Without technology, people would not even conceive the idea of breeding a lion with a tiger. Without technology, pollution would not be such a major problem. Without technology, nature would be happy, but we would not. We like to drive around in a car, getting from place A to place B as we please. However, nature does not like to have to deal with the smoke coming out of the car. We also like to experiment in laboratories, trying to find out new things. However, nature did not intend for us to have the right to create a new species, such as ligers. On top of this, technology is the reason why the world is running out of resources, such as water and oil. Instead, technology uses those resources to produce products and wastes. Greenhouse gases result from technological processes. We build structures and machines to aid us in case of a tornado or a flooding. Yet we fail to understand that we have started to become the reason why the tornado or flooding takes place. Technology blinds us of our true strength. Instead, it offers us such a great power that we cannot always control or stop.

Technology is amoral; it is neither good nor bad. However, it is a two sided sword. Too many people misuse technology by letting it take control of them, using it to control others, and harming and interfering with nature itself. Just like a knife, technology can be used to either cut bread or to stab someone. The knife is not responsible for the outcome, the individual in its possession is. Unfortunately, mostly everyone has a knife and it is up to them to use it to cut bread or not.