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Christmas 2010 Gift Ideas Hottest new Pdas and Handheld Devices

Handheld mobile devices are an increasingly popular aspect of modern technology that is continuing to improve and evolve each and every year. In recent years, countless handheld devices have arisen and have been considered the very best and the 2010 year has been no exception. With several brand new pieces of handheld devices and PDA’s hitting the market in 2010, there are several models that stand out as being the very best of the 2010 for a variety of reasons.

One of the best handheld device awards of 2010 simply has to go to the Blackberry 9700 Bold. In recent years, the “Blackberry Craze” has soared to new heights and it has arguably become one of the most popular handheld devices in the world. Pay and go services for Blackberry have even been renamed “Ping and go” in reference to the popular “Ping” feature on Blackberry Messenger. The Blackberry 9700 Bold takes the Blackberry to the next level. With incredible high definition colours, interactive browsers, built in MP3 players, internet access, build in Wi-Fi and advance mobile phone features that surpass previous Blackberry models, the Blackberry 9700 Bold stands quite simply as one of the very best of 2010.

The apple iPhone 4 is a technological masterpiece when several factors are considered. As the latest brand of iPhone from Apple, the Apple iPhone 4 is truly a miracle of the technological world. The Apple iPhone 4 allows users to watch movies on the go simply from the click of a button, it can act as an MP3 player to allow them to play all of their favourite songs, it can be used for phone calls and high definition video calls, it has internet access and the ability to text and users can even download applications and third party applications as a means of enhancing their iPhone 4 experience. The Apple iPhone 4 is certainly not one for technology lovers to miss in 2010.

2010 has been a big year when it comes to the evolution of modern technology and it has arguably been a decisive year when it comes to setting the foundations for the technological future in 2011 beyond. The most recent model of the Blackberry has been met by great reviews and has countless new features to entice old Blackberry lovers and new customers alike. If buyers want in on the Blackberry craze, opt for the Blackberry 9700 Bold. However, if they want a little tantalizing taste as to exactly what the modern day generation of technology is capable of, look no further than the Apple iPhone 4. If shopping for electronic handeld gifts for the 2010 Christmastime, consider the Blackberry 9700 Bold or the Apple iPhone for this holiday season.