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How to Choose an Iphone

There are not many models of the iPhone, yet choosing an iPhone can actually be difficult with the limited selection. The older iPhones are not available for sale in stores such as the original and the 2g; however the newer models such as the 3g, 3gs and the 4 are available for sale. How do you choose which one to purchase?

Everything depends on your budget, purchasing the 3g will be much cheaper than purchasing the 3gs and that in turn will be cheaper than purchasing the 4g. If your budget it limitless, than this doesn’t apply. However if you do have a tight budget sticking to the older models will be a wise choice.

Compare all the specifications on the apple website, this will enable you to see clearly what each phone can do and also will let you choose which colour.

If you are looking for a basic everyday phone and do not do much on your phone, then you should think about getting the 3g, this has a lower price than the other two and good features.

There have been many speed tests comparing these models and the iPhone 4 is definitely the fastest. If you have to have a fast phone that can open apps quickly, then consider purchasing the latest model.

One of the many features of the new iPhone is the camera, with a five megapixel camera you practically have a decent camera on your phone. If you take a lot of photos and like capturing memories, having a phone than can take good pictures should be important. Only the iPhone 4 has this feature so this is the obvious choice.

Record videos in HD
Another feature of the iPhone 4 is being able to record videos in HD, if again you want to easily capture memories, being able to in HD is an added bonus. This definitely is a handy tool to have everywhere you go.

You can choose between the 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB models, if you do need more than 8 GB of memory you will have to choose between the iPhone 3gs and 4g since the 3g only comes in 8 GB. If you do need a lot of memory choose the 32 GB however if you do feel that you do not need the memory do not spend your money on the larger memory but rather the smaller memory since you will be spending money on memory that you will never use.