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How to Fix Scratched Discs

I’m sure you all know how frustrating it is to sit down to play your favorite video game or listen to your favorite CD only to find that it is no longer in working order because of a scratch. Many of you may have thoughts of anger and irritation because of all of the money that has just been wasted. Well never fear because I have a few tricks that will help you get your games back to their original working order. There are a large number of methods but I’m only going to cover the best three. Keep in mind that these methods can be used on other discs like DVDs and CDs as well. 

Before you try any of these methods make sure to clean your disc with soapy water and wipe it clean with a lint free cloth. After testing it again, if it does not work then try these methods. 

This first technique is the the home disc repair system. Yes it many be obvious and most of you are probably wondering if they even work, but let me assure you that they work great. Now unfortunately they cost about 20 dollars which is not exactly what you want to pay just to get your disc fixed but some people are willing to pay the price.

Even though these home repair systems do work on some scratches they will not fix all scratches that you throw its way. These kits are meant to fix small scratches only. They can’t get out those deep pesky scratches that can really ruin a perfectly good game. So if you have a disc with some deep scratches and the unwillingness to pay 20 bucks for a simple fix then I have some great methods for you. 

This one may surprise you and some across as slightly odd but it is one of the best ways to fix your scratched disc. Toothpaste can be a very effective tool when getting the scratches out of your discs. This is because toothpaste is an abrasive substance. That may not sounds like something that you want to put onto your disc but it actually can work miracles. In reality it smooths out the scratch ans surrounding surface making it more easily readably in your console or PC.

Toothpaste should only be used when the disc that you are using will not work under any circumstance what so ever. If used incorrectly you could completely destroy the disc beyond recovery, If the scratches are even more extreme you may want to try a metal polish such as Brasso. 

What you should do is determine that severity of the scratch. Choose whether or not to use toothpaste or Brasso. Once that is done make sure that you have a nice clean surface to work on. You also want to gather some paper towels and toilet paper. Once you ahve all of your materials gathered your ready to fix your disc. 

Your going to want to apply a small amount of either toothpaste of Brasso the the area of the scratch. Then take some paper towels and rub away from the center of the disc. Never move in a circular motion because that will only make things worse. Do this for about ten minutes adding more toothpaste or Brasso as needed. 

After that is completed wash off your disc with water only and be sure to dry it completely with a lint free cloth. Now you can go test it in your console or disc player. If it still does not work correctly you can repeat the process until you receive the results that you need. 

These methods are not full proof so only use them if your disc cannot be used at all. Hopefully these will get you back up and running in no time!