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Iphone App Reviews Cool Curlings

If you have been watching the Winter Olympics and you were fascinated by the new game that’s gaining popularity (curling), then you will enjoy Cool Curlings, an iPhone game app that is sure to keep you playing for hours. Cool Curlings is challenging and enjoyable all at the same time, and you won’t get frustrated with this game because it takes a bit of tact and concentration to get the angles and speed just right. 


– Cool Curlings has two versions, a free one and the full version one. The free one is a great way to introduce yourself to this game without having to sacrifice a few dollars for the full version. So, even if you do not like this game after you have played it, you still have saved yourself money.

– The graphics are decent for a game of this sort. The quality of the graphics does not always dictate the quality of gameplay, so in terms of a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, Cool Curlings earns a “cool” 6 for its graphics. However, children will most likely love this type of graphics because it is familiar to them, especially if they have been watching cartoons.

– Gameplay is fun and the controls are maneuverable. It takes some time to learn exactly how much speed should be had before the rock is thrown, and when to start sweeping, but after a few tries, you will get the hang of it. Of course, this app does not imitate the way curling is actually played, since a lot of vigorous work is included in real gameplay, but this app does the game some justice.


– The levels are somewhat short, so that you are pretty much forced into purchasing the full version. And, even though this lite version offers plenty of fun, you will find yourself craving for more levels.

– The controls can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you are trying to sweep the rock and slow it down before it gets to the target. However, perhaps with a lot of practice and vigorous swiping of your fingers, this will improve.

Although there are a couple of cons associated with Cool Curlings, you will find that this game is just the right thing to have some fun indoors while spring is still only “around the corner.” I highly recommend Cool Curlings to gamers of all ages.