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Ipod Nano 4th Generation Review

Apple’s iPods have been a great hit ever since they were first released. They ensured top notch quality, and earned their respect both from being the best media players in the industry and from apple’s goodwill. Their first iPod Nano was released in 2005, and it’s killer app was that it was super slim. The tradition has gone to the 2nd generation and 3rd generation nanos, which have advanced on the original nanos purpose. In September 9 2008, Steve Jobs – Apple’s founder and spokesman has announced the new iPod
Nano 4th generation, and demonstrated the new revolutionised design and features. The eyewitnesses of the extraordinary presentation exploded with cheers when Steve revealed the new nano.

SpecificationsThe new iPod nano 4g delivers improvements on all of the specifications of the previous generations, as expected from Apple. The new nano is the thinnest one Apple has released yet. The shape from the top looks like an oval and is extraordinary. This shape feels much better in the hand than the old ‘brick’ shape. Unlike the rest of the nanos, this one comes in 9 different colour schemes, and like the other iPods comes in 2 capacities (8gb and 16gb) Battery life, as stated on Apple.com is 24 hours for music and 4 hours for video. However the battery life varies slightly with each unit.

New FeaturesAlthough the new nano does have some new software features, they are not enough to upgrade from Nano 3g. The first thing anyone is going to notice is that the screen is turned on the side, and is displayed in portrait mode. Another features is called Genius, which takes tracks from your library and finds other tracks which could go well together. This feature isn’t that new, and has been part of iTunes ever since the release of iTunes 8. Another new feature is the Accelerometer, it lets the iPod recognise whether it’s carried upright or turned to the side. One of the implimentations of the new accelerometer is that you can now turn the iPod on the side and get instant acess to Cover Flow. Cover Flow is a feature which has earlier been present in the 3rd Generation Nano, so it isn’t exactly a new addition.DurabilityThe new Nano is very durable. Unlike earlier models, Apple included a piece of glass that fits over the screen. This feature illiminates any scratch worries, so it is now completely safe to carry it in the same pocket you put your change in. The unit is enclosed in a full metal casing – making it more durable compared to most of the other players in the market.’Wearability’As most Nanos, the 4g is very compact and fits even in the smallest pockets. When in the pocket, it is sometimes hard to notice it. There are allready 3rd party gear which can allow for diverse styles of wearing this unit, including arm bands, clips and other accessories.Ease of UseThe iPod chain has always been recognised for it’s easy to learn interface which was achieved by the Click Wheel. The new nano makes switching songs even easier with some of it’s new features. One of them is turning it on the side to browse the albums in Cover Flow. The other one is called ‘Shake to Shuffle’. You can literally shake the nano, and make it play a random song from your collection. This really speeds up the process if you don’t like a certain song so much that you want to listen to any other song.Final VerdictIf this is the first iPod you wan’t to buy, go ahead! You will not regret it. However upgrading from Nano 3rd Gen is foolish, as the new features provided are not worth $150.