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Millionaire City Iphone App Review

Millionaire City is the free version of the iPhone app game. For many people like me who like playing simulation and “tycoon”-type games, Millionaire City would be a great choice. Although the app’s description on its App Store page says that the player can connect to Facebook, this is a game that does not require a Facebook account.

I liked this game immediately because of the concept. I am a big fan of tycoon games, so I was excited to start playing this game. Also, I saw that this was in the list of top free apps in the App Store’s front page, so I naturally thought that it would be a good download. At any rate, Millionaire City was free, and I felt that I had nothing to lose but a few minutes of my time. 

Before downloading the game, I decided to read the developer’s description just to see if this game would be right for me. The features seemed to be promising. The player has to manage a real estate company. The player can build and purchase properties as well as manage them financially. For me, this game really reminded me of playing Sim City, except the player does not act as simply a builder and as a mayor but more with a business in mind. This game would be a great choice for anyone who wants a “slimmed down” version of Sim City.

The graphics are great. They get an “A” in my book. They are pretty good even though they are simply rendered in 2D. After all, I don’t need 3D graphics to be pleased. I like that the colors are bright and they work together with the crispness of the lines of the graphics. In short, Millionaire City’s graphics make the game look more expensive than it is. This may only be a “free” version of the full game, but I felt like I was not missing out on much if I did not download the full game.

Overall, I highly enjoyed my experience with playing Millionaire City. I especially liked that I did not have to sign into my Facebook account. I find that that is very inconvenient if I am not able to go online or I just don’t want to sign onto my account. At any rate, I would highly recommend Millionaire City. If you like playing tycoon-type games, I would recommend this game to you.