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Points to consider while Buying a Dslr Camera

The Five most important factors you need to consider before buying a DSLR Camera

With the prices of DSLR cameras coming down gradually there has been an unprecedented demand by serious people who want to take up photography as hobby as well as people who would like to sport another trendy gadget just to show off. Whatever may be the reason for buying, most of them are layman who aspires to own a DSLR camera. To the first time would be owners the question, which one they should buy is left largely unanswered, as the sales staff as well as reviews of these cameras talk a lot in jargon, which a layman hardly understands as he or she have not used a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflector)camera before.

For the benefit of these would be DSLR users the following are five things one should look at before deciding which DSLR to buy:

Categories: To make things simple we can categorize DSLR cameras into three different ranges. The basic DSLR, the mid-range and the high end DSLR. The popular models like Sony Alpha 230, Nikon D3000 and Canon 1000D would fall in the basic category. The Nikon D5000 and Canon 550D for example would be the mid-range and cameras like Canon 5D Mark 2 would be the high end one. The price indication is from 600 dollars to 800 dollars for a basic model and for mid-range can vary from 1000 to 1800 dollars whereas a high end one can cost around 4000 dollars.

Brands: The most popular brands in the market are Canon, Nikon and Sony however DSLR from Olympus is also available. One should query about at the after sales service part of these brands before buying and it is recommended to buy with a warranty.

Features: For a first time owner he or she should look for ease of use. “Live view”  is one such feature where one can see the picture in the screen before taking the picture same like a compact digital camera most of the DSLR have this feature but still some basic models like Sony Alpha 230 do not have it and its through the view finder that one needs to take the photo always. Another feature is video recording, mid range models Like Canon 550D and Nikon D5000 and D90 have it but again Sony has yet to come up with a model which can take videos. When comparing two models it is advised to compare “Frames Per Second” and “Number of Focus Points” most people would just compare Mega Pixels to decide which is better.

Accessories:  Generally for a first time user its better to buy a Kit. Which means the body and the lens together in the package. One can also go for twin lens kit which would have a standard lens and a telephoto lens together in one package. This reduces ones total cost that would be incurred if buying the body and the lens separately. Its better to buy only body if the lens are already there and one wants to upgrade the camera. Always remember that buying the camera is not the end of it there is whole lot of accessories which one may need from time to time for example external flash, battery pack, memory cards, dry box, filters and the list can go on.

Budget:  Paying more money for an expensive camera doesn’t mean one gets the best photo so it is better to see the features that one requires and buy the camera accordingly. The cheapest ones may miss out on some essential features and most expensive ones maybe too complicated to use. The best is to look for value for money models. Mid range models are suggested as its a long term investment and one may want to upgrade very quickly if its a basic one.

Just because one is using a DSLR doesn’t mean the photos will be good. It is good to buy a DSLR camera but unless one learns the basics of photography and uses the camera one should not expect the photos to be of very good quality. Photography is an art which a lot of people forget, technology can help to a certain extent, but at the end of the day its the person behind the camera who has to click and practice makes perfection.