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The most Important Points to consider before Buying a Dslr Camera

With the falling prices, many are taking the plunge into the world of DSLR cameras.  These are the premier camera available today, and they no longer carry the price premium they once did.  There are several important considerations before purchasing a DSLR.

Lens Availability

The power of a DSLR is in the ability to change out the lens to suit the current photographic needs.  After purchasing one of these cameras, it is common to obtain several different lenses to accommodate different shooting situations.  The real expense is in purchasing the lenses, and lenses are designed to fit a specific camera system, such as Canon, Nikon, etc.  After gathering a collection of lenses, it is more difficult to change to a different system, so ensure the system you are considering has the type of lenses that you need.

Camera Features

Every camera has its own unique features, from shutter speed to picture modes.  Consider the needs that you are going to have initially and into the future, but also realize that the real investment is in the lens system.  You can always get a camera that meets your current needs with the intention of replacing it with a more high-end camera body in the future.

Complete Kits

If it is your first DSLR or if you need a camera body and lens, then purchasing a complete kit could be the best buying decision for you.  Many DSLR cameras are available in a kit, which will often include one of more lenses, an extra battery, some filters, and a case.  This provides you with everything you need to go out and take gorgeous photos immediately.  If you already have a DSLR and some lenses then a kit may not offer anything you need when purchasing a second camera body.

Video Recording

If you want to buy one camera to do it all, there are many models available that can capture high quality video along with taking pictures.  If you are in the market for both a camera and a camcorder this has the potential to get you out of one purchase, and the convenience of having both options at your fingertips is worthwhile.

There are several considerations when purchasing a DSLR.  Remember that the lens system is the most important decision, because changing systems after you have invested thousands in various lenses is a costly prospect.