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Copystar Cs 2030 Copier Review

Expandability is a key feature in a multifunctional device for businesses who desire the ability to modify and customize features and hardware to match specific needs. The Copystar CS-2030 is an expandable unit that has absolutely astonishing accessory options that include document processors, duplex units, internal finishers, and an additional paper storage drawer. With this level of customizability, the Copystar CS-2030 should be suitable to satisfy even the pickiest buyer.

This astounding unit puts up durability numbers that are almost hard to believe. With a 100,000 copy service cycle, time between maintenance check ups could be years even under the highest of output demands, and with a maximum monthly duty cycle of 30,000 total printed pages per month, the Copystar CS-2030 is ready to be put to the test. While many multifunctional centers on the market today offer maximums of 100 continuous copies, the CS-2030 boasts virtually ten times those numbers, running at potentially 999 continuous copies. Most units can’t even hold that much paper!

The basic paper storage specifications on the Copystar CS-2030 include dual 250 sheet capacity paper trays, along with an additional 50 sheet multi purpose bypass tray, bringing the stock paper capacity to a whopping 550 sheets, but even with this high volume, paper swaps would have to be done mid process to reach the unit’s seemingly unlimited continuous copy potential. Optional external and internal upgrades can add additional paper storage, such as a 250 sheet paper drawer that can hold the usual standard sizes, legal and letter, along with reduced size input as small as 5.5” x 8.5”.

Other additional add on options include not one, but two types of document processors: a reversing automatic document processor, and a sheet through document processor. The reversing unit adds a 70 sheet RADF that can process 20 letter sized originals per minute, and can automatically flip them over for double sided printing. The Sheet Through type also holds seventy sheets, but only a standard type automatic document feeder.

A job separator add on is also compatible with duplexing, and can mechanically separate up to 100 total sheets into various output compartments separated by partitions, making it easy to produce not only mass amounts of copies, but multiple small projects at once as well. There’s even an internal finisher hardware addition that can staple a stack of up to 500 sheets of paper and, on top of that, there’s an add on possibility for the internal finisher itself that adds duplexing.

Lastly, memory can be expanded with an 8 MB fax memory board to increase storage capacities and accelerate larger, and simultaneous, fax projects and, just to make sure they have all their bases covered, Copystar even sells a stand for the unit.

The Copystar CS-2030 can me built upon and customized in so many ways it would be hard to imagine a business that could not find a way to make it work for their office. Still, with so much hardware, size is a factor, with a huge footprint and a standard weight of over a hundred pounds, plus accessories, but big things come in big packages and, for expandability, the unit can’t be beat.