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How to Change a Printers Toner Cartridge

Whether you are working in an office or have a printer at home, there will come a time when the toner runs out of the machine and it will need to be changed.  Thankfully, the toner cartridges in printers typically last for a fairly long time, as this doesn’t seem to be anyone’s favorite job, but it is one that has to be done on occasion.  Because it is not a routine task, you may have no idea how to even access the toner, let alone replace the cartridge.  The following is a step-by-step guide that will get you printing again in no time.

Step 1: Get out the manual that came with the printer you are going to be replacing the toner cartridge in.  If you no longer have it, or can’t locate it, you can almost always find one online by looking up the brand and model of your printer.  This will tell you the type of toner cartridge that you need, as well as where it is located.

Step 2: If you don’t already have an extra cartridge, you will need to go and purchase the correct one at an office supply store.

Step 3: You will need to remove the old cartridge before putting the new one in, of course.  Put on a pair of rubber or latex gloves and change into something that can get stained if need be.  This can be a bit of a messy job.  You will also want a trash bag handy to place the old cartridge into when you remove it.

Step 4: To remove the old cartridge, you will simply open up the cartridge door, which you have located from the manual.  They are usually housed within a door on the side of the printer that opens downwards.  Carefully turn the old cartridge out of the locked position and pull it out steadily and evenly.

Step 5: Open up the packaging for the new cartridge only when you are ready to put it into the printer.  Follow the packaging instructions regarding removal of tapes and other items that are meant as protective devices during shipping and/or storage. 

Step 6: Slide the new cartridge in and turn it to the locked position.  Close the printer cartridge door back up.  Print a tester page and you should be ready to go on and print away from there.

Changing the ink cartridge in your printer isn’t the most time-consuming or difficult job in the world.  It is just something that isn’t done so often that everyone knows how to get it done.  It can be messy if you aren’t very careful, but once it is done, you likely won’t have to do it again for quite some time.