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How to Choose a Computer for Buy

Wow! You are going to buy a computer. That’s Nice. But, you are confused about the configuration. What will be the best or what you actually need you don’t know? It happens maximum time. No problem, I am here to give you full details.

I want to know what you want to do in you computer. What? You get confused. Ok I am giving you options. Do you want to –
1. Play lots of latest Games in computer?
2. Do your office work?
3. Graphics Design or Photo Editing? Since, you are a Photographer.
4. Do some video editing?
5. Watch & listen Songs, web browsing & chatting?

Let’s see who need which configuration. Learning all about it will let you decide what you need.

1. For play games you have to expend money. You need a good Graphics card. Ask me which one is good? 256Mb video RAM with 3.0 Pixel shedder is better then 512Mb video RAM with 2.0 Pixel shedder. So keep you eye in pixel shedder. You need at least 2GB RAM for play bigger games & also need a bigger Hard disk. Since, Latest games need much disk space. What about processor? 3.00GHz Processor is best for you. Make your games partition bigger then any other partition. Set your total paging file higher in C: drive. Keep your C: drive free.

2. Oh! Want to do some office work. Then you don’t need any extra Graphics card. Built in is the best for you. Try with 512GB RAM for XP & 1GB for Vista. A little hard disk space & at least 2.00GHz Processor works best with you.

3. Photographer needs a big Hard Disk. Because Pictures taking big space in HD Now. In a simple 7 mega pixel camera take almost 3Mb space for 1 pic you know that. If you edit those pictures in Photo Editing software you need more RAM to prevent hangs. 2.66GHz processor is enough I think.

4. For video editing you need a simple graphics card. But you need a bigger Hard Disk. Because, high quality video take too much disk space. You also need Up to 2Gb RAM because video converting take too much RAM. Use 3.00GHz processor for save your time. Always use good software for save your time & best quality.

5. Oh! Watch Song & web browsing is nothing for a computer. Minimum requirement for web browsing is:
1.00GHz Processor
256Mg RAM
5Mg free space
1 web browser
& no Graphics card needed.
So buy a good looking computer.
And for watch & listen songs don’t forget to buy a sound card & 5:1 or 7:1 stereo speaker.

Hope It Helps. Thanks for Read.