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Macintoshweb Designpcadobewindowsquarkwebinternet Explorersafarifirefoxweb Development – Mac

Macs benefit web designers the same way they benefit everyone. After all, the quality of the design is not dependent on the operating system at all: it’s the quality of the web designer and the quality of the software being used that’s most important. The platform determines how well the software tools work and how much time is spend rebooting, tweaking, and removing malware and viruses: that’s what makes Mac better for web designers.

What tools are available on the Mac that are not available on the PC and vice versa? We all used Adobe Creative Suite. We all use Firefox. We even use Quark Express. What else? Virtually any application that is not available on the Mac has a similar PC application to take its place. If there’s any Windows application that doesn’t run on Mac, then there is an equivalent. Wait a minute! Now that Macintosh runs Windows natively, the Mac can run all the applications that a PC can! Now, can a PC run all Macintosh apps natively? I don’t think so.

The platform then becomes the determining factor. Macintosh is a more stable and more secure system. It doesn’t crash as often, has a much better user interface with the operating system, and is not as vulnerable to virus and malware attacks as is the Macintosh. The Mac is preferred by publishers and artists because it runs faster than a PC does on equivalent hardware. Some software programs like Quark and Adobe have better interfaces on the Mac and run faster too.

Some people bring the elements of proper web design into consideration when deciding between a Macintosh and a PC for web design. Doing so is to needlessly obfuscate the question at hand. However, pointing out that a lousy web designer is going produce poor quality work on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh machines.  Some Mac designers used to have the excuse that they no longer have Internet Explorer to verify browser compatibility as an excuse. Now, that excuse is moot because   you guessed it – the Mac now runs Windows natively. Checking for browser compatibility is a routine task of a web designer anyway. How do Linux web developers do it? Most have a separate Windows machine that is used to check compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome

Macintosh is better at web design because it is a better platform. A good web designer will get better results faster and with fewer hiccups with a Mac than with a PC. Web designers who blame their computer for their poor results are looking in the wrong place: they should really be looking in the mirror to find the primary source of their problems.