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Bmw is the official site of BMW cars in Canada. The website will teach you more about BMW cars and is the perfect site to check out if you own a BMW or plan to buy one in the near future.
Review:  provides information on the BMW line of motor vehicles. The site itself is nicely done with good graphics.  The top menu system is a little strange and hard to figure out without some clicking to investigate. You’ll find a search box in the menu system if you know what you’re looking for. The menu system could be better designed so it’s not as confusing, but after a while you’ll find things. The main page has graphical representations of the main links at the top of the site but the design is a bit jumbled. While the site does look good graphically some of the menu decisions are a bit strange and the front page doesn’t look as polished as it could be.

Each BMW model has its own product page you can view. The pages look good but all the information needs to be clicked on in graphics to be viewed. It would be easier just to have a product specifications list available a person could download and see all the different options. You can view highlights such as interior, exterior, breaks, transmission ,and steering. The site has information on BMW engines, efficiency, driving dynamics, safety, comfort and provides media content such as videos. The vides themselves are a nice addition to the site and can be played on multiple devices such as your Ipod. You can use the site to find a retailer or download a brochure. There is plenty of information on the cars but the site needs a PDF or other sheet where you can compare the different cars.
The site has a section for BMW owners where you can find information on such topics as warranty, service, entertainment, communication, original BMW parts, tire packages, and accessories for your BMW. This section is of great benefit to owners of these vehicles. For example the site explains roadside assistance and the USB integration in your vehicle. On the site you can find out about BMW driver training a register for a course too.

Overall the BMW site is well done but it does suffer from a menu system that is a bit confusing and a few too many graphics and not enough plain text information. The site has some modern looks but sometimes that isn’t needed to get your message across. Menu systems should be easy to follow and get to the point. Sometimes the menus don’t load properly and that’s probably due to the amount of graphics on the site.