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How to Hide Online Status on Facebook

The social networking site Facebook has a wealth of features. One such feature is the “Facebook Chat” feature which in essence is an instant messaging chat service built right into the website. The chats can take place in small pop up notifications in the lower right of the web browser or the chat window can be “detached” as a standalone window where you can see all your online “Facebook friends” and initiate chats.

By default the chat service goes online when you log-in allowing others to see that you are currently on Facebook and available for instant messaging through the chat service.  However there may be times when you don’t want to be seen on Facebook or are just logging in for a few minutes and don’t have time to have full conversations with friends. 

Going into offline mode:

Log into Facebook and locate the “Chat” box in the lower right section of your web browser. Note that the Facebook page must be in the current active window of your web browser and you must be logged in to access the chat service.

Click on the “Chat” box which says “Chat” with a number in parentheses that indicates how many friends are currently online or available for chat. The box expands upwards revealing a list of currently online friends.

Click on the “Options” tab in this expanded box and click on “Go Offline” at the top of the “Options” list. Immediately the chat box minimizes. You’ll know you are in offline mode because the small “Chat box” in the lower right will be grayed out and “offline” is displayed in parentheses. 

Going back into online mode:

Click on the “Chat box” tab in the lower right of the screen to reappear as “online.” When you log out of Facebook and later log back in, you’ll stay in offline mode if you were set to this mode when you last were on Facebook until you click on the Chat box tab. 

Use the Facebook chat “offline” mode when you do not want to be distracted by pop up chats from friends, don’t want to have to cut off instant message conversations due to time constraints, or when you want to simply browse Facebook without anyone knowing you are online. Keep in mind that whenever you do anything on Facebook such as posting on a wall, “liking” something, commenting, or adding photos this activity will show up in your friends’ News Feed and shows that you were recently online.