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How to know when you are Hacked

How to know if your computer has been hacked

Hacking into computers has been around since the early days when computers where not something you use everyday. Theses days hackers don’t just go for banks they go for you, they will do anything to get into your computer and steal as much information as they can. This is extremely dangerous if you don’t know they are doing it, so be on the lookout.

There are usually many signs that your computer has been hacked, look for changed information or things that have been moved. Make sure to change your passwords if you suspect any suspicious activity on your computer. A hacker will usually be looking for any information that can earn him money so always change bank pins etc. A second sign that your computer has been hacked is when it is asking your permission to download software, always check what it wants to download and do a gogglesearch if unsure. Hackers can plant tracking cookies, spy-ware, viruses and alot more very easily so always make sure to have an anti-virus program on your computer. Anti-virus software doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many sites that offer trial anti-virus software that you can use to clean your computer with. If your computer has gotten extremely slow with no reason you may have more than one virus on your computer, There are viruses that can disable your PC so be careful. Other signs of being hacked include: Wrong colourschemes, icons have been moved around, computer constantly asks for updates with strange names and even strange programs installed that were never there. You will also notice strange programs running in your task manger, please research these as they are almost always dangerous viruses

Hackers aren’t just after money, they also will try steal your names and records, to be safe always keep them password protected. There are many signs to look for if your personal information has been moved from your pc, files will be missing or changed and sometimes files will be renamed so that you cant find them.

The safest way to protect yourself and to detect that your PC has been hacked is a simple anti-virusprogram, there are many trusted names in anti virus software just make sure to do your research before you download an anti virus program as it may be a trap. If you do not protect yourself from viruses you are leaving your door wide open for hackers.

I hope this helps everyone that is concerned about their computer being hacked, remember to do your research on anything suspicious.