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Privacy Issues of Google

Big Brother Google is watching you! He knows what things you are curious about, who your ancestors were, where you live, how to get there and he can see it as clear as if he were standing on the street. Even worse is the fact he blabs about it to anyone who asks. Anyone at any time can find out where you live. You can Google a person’s home phone number and get their address. You can see a photo of their house on Google Earth. Google maps will give you directions on how to get there. Google (along with smaller but not much less evil search engines) has made possible the Orwellian Dystopia foretold of in Orwell’s classic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. (If you don’t know what an Orwellian Dystopia is Google it. When the government puts you on a list of paranoid people they need to keep a watch on, blame Google.)

On top of the aforementioned privacy issues, Google keeps a record of everything you look up through its search engine. While most of the other competitors keep this information for a matter of months (usually about 18 months), Google keeps it forever. Remember that time you wanted to look up Anthrax the band and came up with that site on how to make the disease Anthrax in your basement? Congratulations! You are now a terrorist in this paranoid world we live in and Google has the proof. Any government official can find out by requesting the information from Google that you did it. While Google can’t give them your name, they can give the IP # of your computer (easily traceable) or if you have ever Googled yourself (as most of us have) then they will find you just the same. For that matter, a decent hacker could do the same if they went through Google’s database and looked.

I recommend Google alternatives. Unfortunately, my favorite of these,, is now closed. With, you could type what you wanted to find on Google and they would search for you on Google using their own IP address instead of yours and would only keep the information regarding your searches for a few days. You can try or These sites are listed as the ones to go to if you try to go to now. I have not used them for myself as the computers at my workplace where I do most of my web-surfing have them blocked. My understanding is that they work on the same principal though.

Happy searching and remember: just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after youand they probably have Google.