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Review of the Body Shop Website

The Body Shop have many stores which one can go to purchase their products and they also have an online website where you can purchase all of their products and some which are not available in the stores. In the website review I am going to write in detail about three important aspects that all websites should have which are; the ease of usability (navigation), information provided on the website and the attractiveness.

The website is very easy to navigate, the fresh and natural theme that they have makes it easy for everyone to easily look around for beauty tips or to purchase a product from the store. There are links on the top of the website which has the main categories such as ‘facial skin care’ and ‘make-up.’ When you rollover the categories it displays the sub categories so you can go to the exact page and find the product that you are looking for.

Information Provided
There is a lot of information provided on the website; the basic important information such as contact and finding stores can be at the bottom of the website or at the top of the website in the clear links.

There is also a lot of information on the website about each product, instructions on how to use it and some extra tips for those who want to learn more about beauty. Each product has reviews by individuals who have purchased it and they give their opinions, how they use it and some even give some tips. All this information adds an extra edge to The Body Shop’s website.

Furthermore, they have videos on how to create looks for different parts of the face such as lips and cheeks using their products. So if you want information to fuel your inner beauty geek, they will provide wonderful videos including great makeup artists and models.

The Body Shop are known for their great quality products which are natural and this theme is carried out through to the website, the colours are green and white which represents nature. The website is very fresh and bright, so this also makes it easy to navigate the shop website.

Overall, the website is a great way to shop online quickly, the product delivery times are very quick and it is a great way to purchase products without going into store. While going to the store is a great way to purchase the products in the exquisite aroma of The Body Shop scents, shopping online is a great alternative.