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Website Reviews associated Content

Associated Content, or AC, is one of Helium’s rivals. As a web-publishing site, you can submit your own articles or photos to Associated Content and gain royalties for them. Overall, the Associated Content website does have some good features and content.

Associated Content has a range of content covering a variety of topics. Such topics covered include sports, tech, and travel to name a few. On the Associated Content home page, there is a large search box, which can then be used to search for content and articles of interest. There are few direct links to articles here, but a featured contributors box is included.

However, Associated Content is sub-dived into various subject categories. This category index is not actually obviously available from the home-page, and some notable categories are omitted. For example, under tech there is not an IT or software sub-topic.

When you visit an article page you will note a few options. Here, you can give an article a vote of approval, if you feel it merits one. In addition to this, on Associated Content comments can be left in response to the article.

Some may also note the formatting of some of the Associated Content articles. Overall, Associated Content has a few formatting options and features for articles, which allows authors to format text with bold, italic, and underline. Then, in addition to this a few pictures can be added to articles also, as well as catchy article sub-headings.

If you plan on registering and submitting articles to Associated Content, then you can expect that your articles will generate at least ad-revenue. However, the other royalties offered by Associated Content are only available to Americans.

Associated Content also has a community. The community forum can be registered on, and has an active forum. Here, the forum is sub-divided into three categories: AC Central, tutorials, and AC connect. The AC Central forum provides general AC discussion, the tutorials include help-desk and workshop while the AC connect is for more general discussion.

In addition to this, AC recognizes AC authors via its Best of AC Awards. These are awarded via nomination and vote, and include the Best of AC awards and Rising Star. Prizes are then given to those that receive such awards.

So overall, Associated Content has a diverse range of content. Admittedly, as you may expect from such as a site, this can very somewhat in quality. For those that register and submit, this website is better for American authors, and for those that are not it is more limited. However, with some original options and features AC may still be a website worth noting. For more, here is a link to Associated Content.