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Where can i Read about Paul Reed Smith Guitars

The Paul Reed Smith Guitar website provides news, features, and information about Paul Reed Smith to those interested in their guitars.


The Paul Reed Smith guitar website is simply designed but very effective in its presentation. The site doesn’t rely on heavy flash animation or fancy graphics to grab your attention just a clean and easy to use interface. At the top of the page you will find the main menu to the site and once you click on products you will be able to view all the Paul Reed Smith guitars. You can click on a guitar name and be taken to that guitars product page. You will find images, description and specifications for each instrument displayed. One thing I liked about the product pages were the extra image close-ups of the parts of the Paul Reed Smith guitars, these extra images were a welcome addition and let me see the whole guitar in greater detail. This type of extra effort is not given by many other more popular guitar dealers online. The specifications page was simple yet helped me understand the guitar better and there was also a color option too showing each guitar in the available color options. The simple product pages are very well done and a joy to browse through and read.

There is an artist page where you can read about different Paul Reed Smith players, view profiles and stories about each artist. There are several videos present and a nice artist listing at the bottom of the page. The news section features news and stories from the world of Paul Reed Smith guitars and features such stories as artist performances and new music products from the company. These stories are cleanly presented with no complicated menus or viewing obstructions that seem to plague other sites. The inside Paul Reed Smith section takes you on a factory tour and provides you with the story of the company. You can find support on the site and even a handy set-up guide for your new instrument. The site has some schematics if you want to do repairs yourself. There is also a nice FAQ that contains many common questions about their guitars. You can find a dealer locator on their site too that is very handy and easy to use. A store is available that sells Paul Reed Smith merchandise.


Paul Reed Smith has a very good website that is simple and easy to use. It is one of the best guitar instrument website I have found. The simple design makes it easy for anyone to use and it doesn’t confuse you with complicated menus and endless clicking. The company has created a great website to go along with its quality produced guitars.