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Where to go for Downloading e Books

E-books are some of the best digital sources of knowledge online.  A lot of people download them everyday.  There are many websites that provides e-books for free.  This article will show some of the best ones.


The slogan of this website is: “the best e-books at the best price: free!”  It is indeed a great website for downloading e-books.  You have access to about 26,449 free e-books.  It is really a huge database.  They have a section for special collections.  If you do not know the e-book you are looking for exactly, you can browse covers till you find what you want.


This website has more e-books than the previous one.  There are about 95 categories.  Some of them are Algorithms, Arabic, Computer Science, education and a lot more.  You can also download audio e-books and encyclopedias.  All is free of charge.


The website has a huge database of free computer, Mathematics, technical e-books and lecture notes, etc.  You can also get magazines for free there.  You need to subscribe to get some them.


The website has a huge collection of IT (Information Technology) e-books.  You browse the categories and choose the e-book you want.  Then without fuss or bother, you click “download” and it takes you to the page where you will download the e-book.  That’s all you have to do.


Snipfiles is a very good-looking website with a lot of free e-books.  It makes choosing an e-book a lot easier compared with the above-mentioned websites.  All you have to do is to choose the e-book you want.  Then click on the title and the downloading link after that.


The website probably has the biggest collection of e-books.  The good thing about this website is that when you want to download an e-book, the link does not take you to another file hosting website.  The e-book will be opened in a new window and then you can either download it or just read it on your browser.


The website slogan is: “library to the world”.  It is indeed a huge library with 17,010 books and 800,000 e-books.  You will also have access to different educational materials like videos.


This is the best website.  It is a well-designed website with a lot more e-books than the said websites.  You have to register to have access to the e-books there.  The standard registration is free while the VIP one is not.  There is no need to fret because you will still have access to all of the information you want.

Some other websites are:



Adobe Free e-Books









PDF Search Engine


The aforesaid are some of the best sources of free e-books, which are the best sources of knowledge online.