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Ensure that the Document Remains Intact not Broken Corrupt

Maintaining and caring for documents to be destroyed is not important, because if we lose the data it seems lazy to return it especially for you who often do the essay, thesis etc., which of course work in the pages that word more than 2 pages, if you ever feel lost data it’s just how nangis would not have to type it back, some mistakes that we can enable the data is corrupted:
1. Changing the version from the version of Microsoft Office down to a higher, or vice versa.
2. There is a computer virus that attacked us
3. Install / Uninstall process is not complete
4. There is a non-technical factors eg power off, the computer hangs, etc.
5. There is an error which we do not intentionally
This happened on the author. To prevent these things going on we have some tips that you try to save your data are:
1. Always try membackup data we regularly
2. Save on our data storage media for specific data eg Hardisk, Flashdisk, etc.
3. To document data such as essay, tutorial, etc. thesis. Collect data from the cover, introduction to the list of libraries into 1 file only. To penomeran page does not change so that you can read any posts on my page Make Penomeran different in MS-Word 2007, but previous data do not first removed later if necessary can be used directly.
4. Change is in the data word that is usually bertipe with *. doc *. pdf file, as PDF files that are more secure from the Word file. You can read my post about Creating a PDF file directly from MS-Word and PDF Files Reading directly from MS-Word and MS-Powerpoint
5. The last step to secure your data is to store them online on the internet, with the way this data will be guaranteed safe from damage in either software or damage caused by a fraudulent person.
I usually store the data online at Ziddu, Andapun can store important data in your ziddu, upload as many files that you may have the form of documents, images, songs, movies, programs etc.. You can file share (share) to other internet users or not for you (share), the more people who download the files you are the more income you receive.

Thus a bit of information I hope that you can care for and preserve your data, if any comment or question while I will be able to answer me, Thank you.