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How to Make Colored Pen Images using Gimp Software

Pen designs are getting more intricate nowadays with the recent trend of customized pens for individuals as well as for business and promotional events. These designs can range from simple prints to custom engravings and even some that fall on the superfluous side such as gold and silver, jewel-encrusted luxury pens. A customized pen has a certain significance to its owner in terms of personal style or some other aspects important to them.

Pen images, even those with simple designs, can be complex if drawn from scratch since it has many components such as the barrel, the point or tip, the cap, clip which vary significantly even if they fall under the same category such as fountain pens or retractable pens, and much more. Although, you can add your designs to existing pen images quite easily using your graphics program or a free software such as GIMP.

Choosing Pen Images

Rendering your designs to existing pen images is the best way to go about creating a custom pen image. However, you must choose an image carefully and make sure they are easy to manipulate using the tools available in your graphics program. Examples of good images are those with simple shapes, uniform solid colors and minimal reflection along the surface. Complicated designs are difficult to alter and is best left as is. For this activity, we will be using a simple yet sleek black and silver pen.

Applying Colors and Patterns

Open the image using GIMP then at the Toolbox, change the Foreground color according to the color of your choice. Activate the FUZZY SELECT tool at the Toolbox. Click on the black barrel in order to highlight all surrounding blackish colors. If the barrel is not entirely selected, adjust the Threshold settings of the Fuzzy Select tool until the selection is good enough for rendering colors or patterns. At the menu bar, click EDIT->FILL WITH FG COLOR to change the color of the pen barrel.

You can also apply gradients or patterns instead of solid colors. Simply follow the same steps above for highlighting the pen barrel except for the fill with foreground color command. In place of this, you can add a pattern instead by clicking EDIT->FILL WITH PATTERN at the menu bar using the presets at the Patterns tab. Another alternative is the gradient or BLEND Tool. Choose a gradient then drag the cursor across the selection or pen barrel to give it smooth color transitions from the chosen gradient.