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Ios4 Update Apple Ios 4 Release Time and Uprade Specs

The first step to the Apple iPhone 4 becoming a reality is the release of the Apple iOS which is Monday, June 21, 2010. The big deal about the iOS4 is that it is not just for the new iPhone 4, it is going to beef the iPad and the now older iPhone 3GS. While the iOS is not going to allow everything in the world of Apple to perform to iPhone 4 specs, it is going to significantly improve a few existing products.

The highlights of what people can expect from installing iOS today, as well as what the features will work on, including the following – but keep in mind that you have got to have the hardware to support it. You are not going to get TalkTime for instance on your iPhone 3GS just because you installed iOS.

* Bluetooth keyboard support is going to be a popular feature of the iOS release and will work on the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch G3 which is the 2009 model.

* The calendar is going to allow third party apps that will allow you some conveniences like buying movie tickets or things of that ilk and then having the date and time automatically added to your calendar and updated if there are any changes on the end of the supplier.

* The security passcode update is going to be a huge deal for people – especially for those that think the current 4 digit passcode is a bit lame. This upgrade is only going to be available to enterprise-configured iPhones, but the odds are most people are at least that current. With this upgrade you can create longer and more varied passwords which should be more secure.

* The app switching interface is going to be what you most likely benefit from the most in your normal usage because it is going to revamp the way apps work altogether. A constant complaint of Apple users has always been that there was no multitasking, and that if you switched apps, whatever app you closed, closed hard meaning it totally shut down and whatever progress you made was gone. Now apps will save when you leave them and allow you to switch back and forth between two apps making for a better user experience.

* Multitasking is going to be a big deal, it just isn’t going to be as great as you think on anything but the iPhone 4 so don’t expect miracles. What you will be able to do is add on some apps that in conjunction with iOS can give some multitasking features which include the following:

() Voice Over IP (VOIP) will now be a reality as you can VOIP calls and use another app at the same time.
() Background Audio is going to allow you to play music or whatever audio you are into while using other apps, browsing web content, playing games, etc…
()  Local Notifications will allow you to be alerted of with background alarms as reminders for scheduled events.
() Background Location  navigation apps will allow cell tower location monitoring and the ability to use your social networking apps to track the location of your friends locations as well – a little creepy, but it’s new.
() Push notifications are going to allow you to receive alerts from remote servers when your app isn’t otherwise running.

A few things to keep in mind about the iOS update are that if you wait for it to auto-update, check your update time as most products are not set to search for an update until June 24, 2010. Also be advised that an update will most likely be about noon EST (9am PST). A final reminder is before updating, make sure you back everything up just in case something goes wrong. It is not expected that anything will be glitchy, but after the iPhone 4 pre-order debacle why take any chances assuming they are going to pull this off without a hitch as well – even if it is just an update since there will be way more people clamoring for this due to its wide application to many devices rather than just ordering an iPhone.