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New Features in Android Operating System 22 Froyo

Froyo! Named for a delicious frozen yogurt dessert, this highly anticipated upgrade to the Android operating system has not disappointed. After a very smooth installation, the new features are obvious from the beginning!


There is a new set of icons at the bottom of the screen. There is a phone icon, which eliminates the need to add a phone widget to every home screen. There is a block of tiny squares that represents the apps menu. This means that there is no more need to “open” and “close” the apps drawer.  Finally, there is the browser icon for instant access to the browser. These three icons can take a lot of clutter off of the home screens, leaving more room for artwork or for essential widgets and apps icons.


There are five (five!) home screens now. But there is something that will tell the user how to navigate the home screens. Tiny white dots to the left and right of the new on screen icons will tell which home screen is currently in action! Two dots to the left and two dots to the right means that home screen number three is in use. One dot to the left means that home screen number two is in use, and so on.


There is a new sensor. It is the light sensor, which means that an automatic screen brightness setting is now available! Simply go to Menu==>settings==>display==>brightness  and select “automatic brightness”, and all will be well.


The basic clock is now a little powerhouse. It has time, of course. But press and hold the clock to get weather from The Weather Channel. A new on screen menu gives docking options and a host of other new features, including access to home, photos, music and a cool alarm setting and management interface.

Press and hold the Weather information and get another screen that allows you to get the forecast, hour by hour by sliding your finger along a graph!

There’s more! Go to settings, and you can get several categories of customized news selections. Then, when you press the clock, then select “desk clock”, you get a choice of weather and customized news.


(And this is beautiful) Froyo allows for setting up a new Google Chrome feature: Chrome to phone!  Add the Chrome To Phone extension to the Chrome setup on the PC. A new “phone” icon will appear to the right of the Chrome’s address bar on the PC. By simply clicking on that icon, the currently loaded page will be sent to the Android!  

A notification will appear in the notification menu, and pressing that notification will bring up the page in the browser. The page can then be viewed or added to favorites!

At the end of the day, the more advanced users and techies will find more profound features with Froyo, but these are the best ones for the average user and they are a real treat!